Annual Leave & Personal Days

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For the purpose of these provisions the Council’s leave year is 1st April to 31st March.

In addition to Annual Leave, all employees will be receive public holiday entitlement (12 for craft workers, 8 for local government employees and chief officers - pro rata for part time employees).  Public holidays are granted only if an employee would ordinarily be expected to work that day.


It is recognised that the ability to request annual leave at short notice, i.e. on the morning that an employee is due to come into work, may prove useful to staff and managers if it were to avoid what might otherwise be an employee sickness. However, this would not replace the accurate recording of genuine sickness absence where employee is unfit to come to work.  

Personal Days will allow an employee to take up to five days of their annual leave entitlement (per leave year) at short notice. The needs of the service and the possible costs associated with cover arrangements must be considered by the manager prior to authorisation and there is no guarantee that requests can be accommodated. There is no requirement on the employee to detail the reason for the request.

More detailed information can be found on the intranet via the link below.